Slide Why Latabo ? Like a holder.
Unlike any holder.
With Latabo, you get what you need from a holder, along with many incredible things you’d never expect from one. Here are a few reasons why your choice might be a Latabo stand holder. Like a holder.
Unlike any holder.

Slide Play Pause Pause Play The advantages of using a great stand holder. The advantages of using a great stand holder.

Slide Multi Functional The first and the only 4 in 1 holder in the world. Books up to 3 kg, laptops up to 19 inches, Tablets up to 14 inches and of course any smart phone are supported. Do not worry about the weight as it supports almost any size and weight of books and devices which can be found around. The first and the only 4 in 1 holder in the world.

Slide No Ex tra Accessories All you need is in the package. You will have all you need for a perfect exprience so there is no need to buy anything more. The holder platform supports all four types. So you don't need to shift the platform for each type of gadgets or books you want to use.

Slide Any Move ments It's not only a holder but a versetile stand holder. As far as it is a stand holder it provides a lot more movements which weren't possible for a usual holder. Three arms will make it possible to adjust it to any angle with the desired height. Replay

Slide Safety No way for the gadgets and books falling down. No way for the gadgets and books falling down. Latabo stand holder can hold heavy books and laptops in any position you wish. So lie in your bed and let it hold them in a such angle right above your head without worrying about it.

Slide Latabo Exclusive Cords The best solution we have found. At last we found it the most secure and the safest way to hold all gadgets without worrying about the gadgets nor injurying yourself. Why Not Magnet ? The first question Processors in laptops, Tablets and mobile phones function based upon a magnetic field thus, another magnetic field nearby disrupts and damages The function of device over long run. Even small magnets in mobile phone holders could damage the device. Now imagine what big, strong magnets are used in 2/3-kilo laptops. Does not this magnetic field created by the magnet seriously damage the gadget?! First Reason Second Reason Magnets are not reliable as the device might fall off the holder. A relatively heavy impact or a knock may cause fall of the device off the holder or even onto the users' face. The second question. First Reason Nano gel pads are sticky layers which stop sticking firmly after several uses. These pads do not stick firmly enough to be used in holders (they have been designed for other uses) Nao gel pads loss 50 percent of their stickiness over some hours of practical use .it is their specifications to gradually less and less sticky. Second Reason Even if we ignore the above mentioned problems, still magnets which are unsafe cause problems. Why Not
Nano-Gelpad ?

Slide Incredible Price It's the best possible price to offer! From the begining our goal was to launch a new-featured product with a price to invite everyone to use it. We consider it as a win-win deal. $124.99 $124.99 Special discount until Kickstarter deadline! Preorder on kickstarter We will be in a campaign on kickstarter from 28 November 2021 until 28 January 2022 with 30% off which means you can buy it only for $124.99. It is not for sale on the website but it is in kickstarter. Three mounths after the campaign the product will be launched at $179.99. $179.99 30% off

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