Explore NO LIMITATION Just imagine how you could use it ... Next: Features Get relaxed and use it in any position you desire. Purchase NO LIMITATION Features There are so many unique features No Extra Accessories You have all you need. You do not need to buy anything more. All books and gadgets are mounted on one single platform. So there is no need to shift the platform. By the use of casters you can roll it aound the room. Height adjustment, telescoping tube, arm and platform rotation around each three axes will give you more flexibility to adjust the holder as you wish. Sit, recline, or lie in bed and Latabo will securely hold your books or devices at the perfect height and viewing angle. Almost all books and gadgets in the market are supported. Do not worry about the size and weight. Latabo can hold a book up to 1500 pages. Portable Wide Range of Movement Any Size and Weight Safe Click Here It makes you believe that is something different. Next: How to Use? Compare No Extra Accessories Wide Range of Movement Portable Any Size and Weight Safe How to Use? Latabo exclusive cords and straps Finally we found out there is nothing more reliable and easier than Latabo cords and straps. Learn to Use Next: Which Devices? Which Devices? All brands in the market are supported. Phone Laptop Tablet Compatible with all Laptops including Macbook, Surface Book and Surface Laptop measuring 17 inches or less. weighing up to 6 pounds. Compatible with all Tablets including iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Surface Go and Surface Book. Tablets cases do not cause any inconvenience. Compatible with all phones and phablets including iPhone and Galaxy series. Phones cases do not cause any inconvenience. Any kind of book of small, Medium and large size weighing up to 6 pounds kg are all supported. For example, a book with 1000 pages of medium size is about 4 pounds. Even one single sheet or poster like music notes can be held great. It does not matter what make your device is. Next: Why Latabo? Specifications Laptop Tablet Book Phone Book Why Latabo Change your habits before they change your body Protect your body and increase the efficiency in ordinaries. THE ONLY REAL
4 IN 1|
4 IN 1|
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Slide You will Latabo Latabo is an innovative stand holder for those who cares about helath and comfortablity. It helps you to enjoy more from studying, web surfing, sotwares doing, watching movies and … All the stands and holders have been investigated and all advantages and disadvantages have been considered. Finally we achieved to design a new version which is versatile, user friendly and of course affordable. Watch the film

Slide Laptops and Notebooks

Tablet Relax and watch movies. Move the stand where you want it to be and control the laptop by the wireless mouse by your side. 01 Safe

Tablet Typing was never as easy as now. Rest your arm on the bed while you are typing to feel relaxed. 02 Efficient There will be lean points for elbows to prevent exhausting.

Tablet Do your works in bed. If you feel tired to sit at the desk you could go to bed and continue your work. 03 User Friendly

Slide Tablets and e-Readers

Tablet It is full adjustable. Rotation around each three axes is supported. Just grab the platform and move it around to the favorite point. 04 Manuverable

Tablet A great choice next to your desk. Mount the second screen on the holder to be easily notified by your social network activities. 05 Portable

Tablet Watch movies in the best position. Adjust the height and the angle of the holder as you wish. 06 Enjoyable

Slide Books and Paper

Tablet Feel better while you are learning. By adjusting the height and the angle according to your position it would never hurt your neck and waist 07 Functional

Tablet Study In Your Bed Use the holder anywhere in any position you would like. There is no limit to use Latabo. Standing, sitting and lying in different styles are supported 08 Comfortable

Tablet Use it as an ultra-advanced music stand notes. You can also play the notes from the sheets attached to the holder 09 Versatile Use it as an
ultra-advanced music stand notes.

Slide Phones and Phablets

Tablet You Can Also Hold The Phone. Use your phone on the holder hands-free. 10 4 in 1

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