Latabo for Health Physicians diagnose that users or readers’ posture leads to back ache or neck problems. Suitable stand holders are recommended as a solution to prevent such injuries or even to treat them. Over 70% of back ache or neck problems result from too much pressure on back or neck due to inappropriate posture. No exhaustion and pressure on muscles raise concentration and efficiency considerably. Latabo for Health

Slide Progressive Deformation of Body Do try keep your head straight while using mobile phone, tablets or reading books. As you lower your head, you put as much pressure as 6 times of head weight of about 27 kilos on cervical vertebrae. the average humans’ head weight 4.5 Kgs. Notice: The average humans’ head weight 4.5 Kgs.

Slide Tiredness Unfortunately, sitting for a long time result in tiredness and muscle cramp even if you sit properly as muscles carry the body weight and bear the pressure to maintain the body in correct posture. That is why some companies provide special desk or tablet for standing activities to prevent staff sitting long hours. Notice: This is the correct posture, But we cannot preserve
this position to end.
Notice: This is the correct posture, But we cannot
preservethis position to end.

Slide These days, health problems such as backache, neck problems and inappropriate are on the back are common with youngsters. such health problems negatively impact body shape and self-confidence. Using a Latabo stand holder, you could read and use gadgets while sitting or lying down. Also, you maintain your posture and neck ideally and conveniently. Click here to watch the video of Latabo advantages to see what you will gain.

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